Gîte à Meix-devant-Virton

Voici les chambres


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5 reflexions sur “Voici les chambres

  1. http://thenlpexpert.com/

    Hi Auntie TerriYeah,tis year not in the mood of visiting bazaar Ramadan too. Just too…….unreal. I mean,the whole feel is not there,as most of it too business -profitable selfish foods,which is tasteless ,full with ICI,MSG,and the additional "on-the-spot" fliesorious. But,if I were to crave for Malay kuihs,I always go to Kak nong,but just for her kuih pelita and ondeh2,which I find is still the best and with ORIGINAL flavour…..

  2. http://endlessgeek.com/

    Apr24 You know what? I like Tish’s idea too!.. only let’s not give them shoes and a coat!!!! And let’s make them suffer they way they do small children. They are pittiful excuses of human beings.I’m over from Michele’s meet and greet this morning!! Hello

  3. http://endlessgeek.com/

    Keep going Katy. It’s just not right that this wicked witch has ruined your daughters idea about the magic of Christmas. I think something should be done and an apology is the least she should do. Is she an old, withered, childless spinster or does she have children of her own? If she does have children she should shot! (figuratively speaking of course!!!)

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